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Course description

This course covers a range of topics, all related to maternal mortality rates. Through this course, participants learn about the statistical data behind maternal mortality as well as the role of explicit and implicit bias in the healthcare system. The mission of this course is to provide a deeper understanding of how minority mothers, specifically African American mothers, are experiencing disparities within the healthcare system. As a result of this understanding, we aim to provide mothers the additional knowledge, support, and resources to combat these statistics and carry out healthier pregnancies.

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to understand and define maternal mortality

Participants will be able to identify the difference between implicit and explicit bias

Participants will be able to identify resources and support systems that are actively working to combat maternal and infant mortality rates

Participants will be able to understand the statistical disparities between the maternal mortality rates of black women and those of other races


CBS Sunday Morning – At Risk: Mothers and Childbirth

Length: 20 minutesAuthor: adminComplexity: Easy

Lesson Description This video from CBS Sunday Morning discusses the causes of maternal mortality and the effects of racial and gender discrimination on healthy pregnancies. It includes key testimonies regarding 
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